Who We Are

The Richmond Community of Caring was established to provide training, guidance and evaluation services for educators, parents and community members in order to help them ensure that children are nurtured in safe and caring schools guided by agreed upon core ethical values.

What We Do

Richmond Community of Caring collaborates with schools, districts and communities to improve, transform and sustain a positive school culture and climate that is safe and supportive for all members of the community. Our team works with teachers, parents and school leaders to provide services, training and activities for creating safe and healthy learning environments in which all children and professionals can succeed.

Guiding Principles/Beliefs

  • We believe healthy relationship development is in the best interest of youth, families, and the Richmond community
  • We believe that our youth are assets and should be equal partners in all aspects of prevention activities in our community
  • We believe that our community, schools, and parents play key roles and share in the responsibility of enhancing youth well-being
  • We believe promoting healthy relationships will reduce poverty, improve opportunities for young men and women to complete their education and other life goals, and build a stronger Richmond
  • We believe that a community that embraces the core values of caring, trust, respect, responsibility, and family will build brighter futures for our youth and our city